Rely HRM

Product Overview

HR & Payroll Management System(HRM)

RelyHRM is a software solution that automates and integrates several Human Resources processes into a single package. This HR Management System includes recruitment, training, payroll, leave management, and performance analysis functionalities. Its purpose is to reduce the complexity of managing HR operations and provide a centralized location for workforce management. RelyHRM saves time and resources for the organization while minimizing the risk of errors in employee data.

The software's centralized database allows HR managers to monitor and manage various employee data points, such as performance records, training histories, and payroll information. This data can provide insights that can inform strategic decision-making and help organizations optimize their workforce management.



Key Benefits

Easy and Smart Employee Management

RelyHRM provides an easy-to-use and smart employee management system that allows organizations to manage their employees more efficiently. With a user-friendly interface, it is easy to navigate, and the software can be customized to suit specific business requirements.

Clear MIS & Financial Reports

RelyHRM provides clear MIS and financial reports, which are essential for decision-making. The software has been designed to provide financial status updates through reports that are easy to read and understand. This feature helps organizations to make informed decisions based on accurate data

Browser-Based Software

RelyHRM is a browser-based software, which means that there is no need to install the software on each client machine. This makes it easy to manage in case of system failures and ensures a plug-and-play solution.

Role-Wise Access

The role-wise access feature ensures that users get access to the software as per their role, which requires minimal training and faster implementation. This helps organizations to manage their HR operations more effectively

Reduced Complexity

RelyHRM is designed to reduce the complexity of managing HR operations. With a comprehensive set of features, the software allows organizations to manage multiple HR functions like recruitment, training, payroll, leave management, and performance analysis in a single, robust package. This helps organizations to optimize their workforce management and save time and resources

World-Class Leave Management System:

RelyHRM has an unmatched employee leave management system, which helps to manage employee leaves smoothly. The software provides an effective solution for tracking employee leaves and managing their work schedules accordingly. With the leave management system, organizations can ensure that their employees get the required leaves while maintaining a smooth workflow


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