Rely Technologies is the leading provider of innovative information systems and services that transform the administrative and operational aspects of organizations of all sizes. . Our flagship product RelyHIS is an unmatched and world-class Hospital Management Software.

Rely HIS

Rely Technologies designs top-notch and best-in-class IT solutions for Comprehensive Management Systems. Our product names are derived from the word 'Reliable'. Our products particularly Rely HIS which is an un-matched and world class Hospital Managment Software.

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Rely LIS

Rely LIS is a powerful clinical Laboratory Information System featuring a built in interface engine for seamless integration with HIS, Billing, EMR, and reference labs. All historical results are stored for instant viewing and a single screen is utilized for accessioning, coding, and reporting of results.

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Rely HRM

RelyHRM software is designed to automate the Human Resources process of an organisation. This software computerises and integrate several HR processes like recruitment, training, payroll, leave management, performance analysis etc., into asingle robust package.

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Rely RIS

Rely RIS is the platform for a more intelligent approach to imaging, one that takes full advantage of the information residing in RIS. This robust suite of tools can help your radiology department: Increase staff productivity, which can allow for more time for patient care. Seamlessly manage patient and image tracking to improve operational efficiency.

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Rely PIS

Rely PIS is a world class Pharmacy Information System or Pharmacy managment software. It's designed to elimate error while dispensing medicines + control over medicines stocks.

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Rely IVF

RelyIVF software is designed to streamline your organisation's infertility management & back office process smooth & paper less. This software computerises and integrate several infertility processes like couple registration, Patient History, Treatment Plan, Visit History, Billing, Appointment Management etc., into a single robust package which can be accessed from anywhere anytime in a single click

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Rely AIS

Rely AIS is a world class Asset Information System designed for organizations to simplify tracking , maintenance and management of the assets efficiently leading to increased productivity and efficiency which places a business in a better position to increase their return or investment.

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